Own Your Weird + Live Life for YOU with Angie Lee

March 6, 2024

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Own Your Weird + Live Life for YOU with Angie Lee
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Own your weird with Angie Lee | Braving the Mountain Podcast

For this week’s episode join me as I talk with Angie Lee about living life for you!

This is a really good episode guys, I’m really excited about it! Angie is a motivational speaker, influencer, online educator, founder, entrepreneur, comedian and pretty much all of the things. When she was only 19 living in her college dorm, (FYI she was NOT a fan of college and ended up dropping out) she decided to start a blog. Knowing little to nothing when she started, she began to figure things out and started to develop an audience. She shared fitness and wellness tips and started to realize that people actually did care about what she had to say! From there she began doing brand deals, e-books, and coaching courses. She had people asking her “How do I build my audience?” “How do I set up my website?” and other questions about digital marketing and her career. Her platform transitioned from health and wellness to digital marketing and motivational content. 

Angie and her brother then tested the waters of business. Some of their businesses failed, but one that stuck around is Soul CBD. Angie has done different things with physical products, digital courses, live events, and now a podcast. She wants to start getting into her passion of being a comedian and doing stand up because it brings her joy to know that she is making people smile and laugh.

I know a lot of us are passionate about multiple things and we feel like we just have to focus on one thing and work solely on that. Angie is an example that being multi-passionate is okay! And it WORKS! Angie owns a business, has a podcast, does comedy, etc. She has made it all work through lots of time, trial and error, and TONS of hard work. Something to keep in mind is that success won’t happen overnight. Angie talks about how none of this happened quickly for her. It takes time. And sometimes it seems hard to see the results of your work but KEEP GOING! Yes, sometimes you will fail but hey, at least you tried and now you can check one thing off the list and say, “OK, that didn’t work, what can I learn from that and what can I do next that will be better?”

Not only does it take time to become successful but it won’t always look the way you expect. I mean like, I went to college studying exercise science and look what I’m doing with my life now! Okay, I work out everyday but that is about the extent of the use of my degree. Angie dropped out of college because it was what’s best for her. Sometimes you need to go against the expectations of your parents, family, friends, society, or whoever else and do what you think will be best for you. 

This is where living life for you comes into play. How many of you have felt like you are doing something just because it’s what’s expected? I know I have. I definitely have. But really where are you going to get yourself by doing that? Be brave! Do something different and something you want to do. I know that sometimes it may be easier to think, “Oh, I’ll just go with the the safe option,” but really, is there a safe option now? You could get fired tomorrow! Nothing is exactly “safe” anymore so do what YOU want to do! 

Now what’s the secret to all of this? Why do we try to live up to these expectations and pick the “safe option”? As Angie says in this episode, “The real answer is people are taking life way too seriously.” I encourage you to have fun! Do something risky, take chances, do what will make YOU happy. Because at the end of the day, being happy is one of the most important things in life, and if we end up doing something that we don’t love, then what’s the point? Let’s ease up a little, be different, be risky! That’s something we can all work on.

If you are feeling a little scared about forging your own path, you’re not alone!

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