The Go-To Podcast for Moms Looking to Level Up their Game (and have a great time doing it.)

This show is about ending the 'shoulding' on yourself and stepping into who you want to be now.... you'll be wondering "why didn't I find this show sooner?" 

This is about joining hands with powerhouse women like you to transform society's standards of motherhood and create a life you're obsessed with!
I'm here to call BS on society's standards of what life and business should look like while raising kids. 

It's time to show up as the YOU that you desire to be. The woman you feel within, but maybe aren't quite sure how to get her out so that you take control of your life? 

Join me as we chat about simplicity, business hacks, breathwork, and more, so that you create a life you're obsessed with.... A life of abundance in motherhood.

Braving the Mountain POdcast

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Let's skip the cheesy quotes and get real about personal growth + mom life. I'm giving you tactical + tangible steps to create the life YOU CHOOSE and not one you think you 'should' be living.

How to Get Out of Your Own Way (And Design the Life You Want)

Build a business with simplicity

Successful business don't run on overwhelm. This is about becoming your best CEO self while learning how to shift from feeling scattered and overwhelmed to being aligned + empowered with a simple plan that allows more time for fun. Forget the fancy talk, let's be real, I don't use big words like that in real life!

what you'll learn here: 

Become next level you

This isn't all about solving problems. It's about taking control of your life and becoming that woman you want to be now. I give you tactical tips + tricks for personal growth so that you elevate into your highest self. No more stressing over to-do lists at 10 pm while life passes you by.

To give your kids the gift of a mom who loves her life!

This is your time

You can be an amazing mom AND have a successful business

I'm the mom who will call you out on your BS + teach you how to elevate yourself so that you create a life you're obsessed with! It's time to drop the hot mess mom + bring in good vibes!

Meet your no BS friend...

Hey there!

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I help you shift from surviving mom life into thriving. Society places a lot of expectations on us and when we call our the BS and take control, our whole world changes both in business and motherhood. 

My superpower is helping moms become the best version of themselves while creating the kind of life they actually want.... one with abundant freedom, lightness, and simplicity 

- Saeverha

"Amanda will be your biggest cheerleader as you navigate the struggles of trying to balance it all."

Five Stars:

- Jess B.

"Feels like you are part of the mom tribe when you tune in. These conversations are so needed."

Five Stars:

- EMj S.

"She calls it like she sees it, but also invokes your inner self compassion to try things and make mistakes on the journey."

Five Stars:

Not sure where to start? I got you.

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