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HEY THERE, friend.

I'm Amanda — a life coach + Breathwork Facilitator who's not afraid to call you out on your BS + teach you how to elevate YOU!

I'm a girl from a small town dreaming of a bigger life, but I lost ME after having kids...

I'm a mom of four who's walked your path. I got pregnant at 18, lost myself in motherhood + bought into the BS that being a mom means being a hot mess while prioritizing everyone but me... like byyyeee dreams?!

Doing what I thought I 'should' left me drained with a life I hated.

It was time to ditch the copycat routine... doin' mom life like everyone else (obviously, it wasn't working)! So, I got comfy being myself.

I knew deep in my soul that I was meant for more than the life I was living.

This ballsy move has led me on a journey to discovering a life that feels good. Where I don't have to buy into the BS society teaches that motherhood is the hard life where we pour into others + live in guilt when we pour into ourselves. 

It was time for me to reclaim 'me' and why the hell was I hiding that? 

Oh yeah, because I was afraid of what others would think!

My superpower is helping women stop 'shoulding all over themselves' in fear of judgment + create life THEIR WAY

Never without

A smoothie in my hand

favorite TRAVEL memory

Surfing with my kids 

probably listening to

A business podcast

Favorite drink

Matcha or chai latte!


Enneagram 3, obvs.

A few things I beleive

You can prioritize YOU and be an amazing AF mom

A few things I beleive

You can't mindset your way into a life you're obsessed with.


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Girl, grab that Chai Latte and LFG! I'm not here just to sprinkle inspriation on like confetti....As a mom of four, I've walked your path + elevated my life and I'm here to help you drop the sh!t + do the same!

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