Finding the Root of Your Problem… Don’t Chop Only the Trunk

March 1, 2024

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Finding the Root of Your Problem… Don’t Chop Only the Trunk
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What happens when you chop down the tree, but leave the stump? The roots still spread, and can either pop up somewhere else or the tree begins to grow new shoots from the trunk! If this is how we solved all our problems, we wouldn’t make it anywhere fast.

Sometimes it’s easier to just avoid the root altogether for the sake of moving on, right? Only to get a few months down the road, and realize I actually hadn’t moved at all.

What would happen if we chopped down and actually pulled OUT the tree, but then took care of the trunk and roots? Can we expect it to grow back? NO. The tree would be GONE!

This is the same for our problems in life or our businesses. If we don’t take care of the ROOT of the problem, and find out the WHY behind the action, you know the tree is going to pop up again down the road!

First off, let’s dive deep by asking yourself questions. Begin by looking within and asking WHY that situation triggered you. Is there a deeper meaning behind it? Did someone do something growing up, that always bothered you, and now it’s resurfacing? Think about why it set you off internally in the first place.

If you come to the conclusion that you just still aren’t sure why, simply ask the person, “What did you mean by ____?” Perhaps you either misjudged a situation or you didn’t, but either way you will get your answer.

Next, instead of letting the anger build inside you and cause a rift in the relationship, let them know it hurt! Then they’re aware and everyone can move on. Address the situation NOW before it all builds up and you boil over.

Realize we are all human, NO ONE is perfect, and we’re all on this journey together, trying to be the best we can be.

Call out the problem, in the kindest way possible, and try to understand both sides of what happened. Don’t let it build!

Take care of the root right then and there, before more roots get planted, and the tree starts to grow again.

Do some writing and dig deep to find that trigger. Write all of your emotions around the phrase, action, or comment made and ask yourself WHY over + over again until you find the root. This way, you’ll better understand yourself and the circumstances that are causing you to be triggered by it.

Forgive + forget, and start moving forward with a deeper understanding of YOU and where you came from.

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