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Dropping Mom-guilt + Creating a Life You Love

March 5, 2024

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Dropping Mom-guilt + Creating a Life You Love
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I want to touch on something today…. “Mom-Guilt.” You know, that little feeling inside you or that little voice inside your head telling you that you should be planning craft days + playdates instead of working. 

I just want to say that it’s time to let it go…. like Elsa, ya know? You can’t tell me you haven’t seen this movie if you have kids can you? 

Anyways, my point is I used to look at working from home and working outside the home (because I’ve done both) as time I was giving up with my kids. Now, I have been able to shift that perspective into this is time I’m giving up FOR them. 

Because if you are in a household that you are running your own business or need to work to go do all of the fun things, then tell me how they are suffering because of it? 

Letting go of Mom-Guilt because you're building a life you love

For me, I know that when I dove into being solely a stay-at-home mom, I didn’t feel fulfilled. My kids got the grumpy side of me because of it. 

Financially we were overwhelmed and I also felt guilty for putting all of it on my hubby’s shoulders. It was seriously a lose-lose situation at our house. 

If you absolutely love being a stay-home mama then I am so beyond happy for you! It just wasn’t for me and it left me wanting more. 

I wanted a free-er life, more financial security, and to fill like I was giving back to the world + taking some weight off of Dustin’s shoulders of being the sole provider. 

Letting go of Mom-Guilt because you're building a life you love

Think about this…. you can’t pour from an empty glass right? So, if you grew up in a home that caused you to develop the belief that your purpose is to grow up and be an amazing mom, but you don’t feel that way is it all worth it? 

Do your kids get to see the cup so full you have plenty to go around or are they seeing the stressed out version of you because you’re trying to force yourself into loving every second of something that overstimulates you? Or something that doesn’t fill you up in a bigger  way? 

I totally get the fact that raising good humans to put out into the world matters, but shouldn’t part of that be showing our kids that we can live life on our terms?  That there is no shame in what that looks like because it works for you? 

You don’t have to listen to the beliefs society or your upbringing put on you. You get to debunk whatever belief you are holding onto in misery and decide what would make you your happiest version of yourself so that your kids get to experience that. 

If that looks like working from home or outside of the home, let the guilt go because you are doing it FOR them and no one else is living your life for you which makes their opinions irrelevant.

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