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No more hot mess mom vibes 'round here

It's time to call out the BS society teaches us about motherhood and shift every area of your life. Literally. From motherhood to business + mindset.

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Creating a life you're wildly obsessed with starts from within. This short breathwork will help you let go of what's no longer serving you and show up as the woman you choose to be.


I'm Amanda, Your New Get a Grip coach

If you're new here, welcome! Hope you stretched before this visit, because I'm really into helping you create more ease + lightness in mom life. 

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Amanda is a safe place. A natural healer. She’s attuned and she has a way of drawing out the best in you.

Jess B.

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Show up as your most empowered self + drop the 'naggy' mom vibes. Grab my guide that teaches you how to set boundaries that feel good + have your kids doing chores with minimal asking from you ;)

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Shift from Overwhelmed to Empowered

Ready to tap into the best you? It all starts from within and I've got just the thing to help you feel better + show up as who you want to be!

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Not your average blog...

Real stories from a real mom letting you know what's working + what's not as I navigate this thing called life + biz!

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Did We Just Become Best Friends?

Girl, grab that Chai Latte and LFG! I'm not here just to sprinkle inspriation on like confetti....As a mom of four, I've walked your path + elevated my life and I'm here to help you drop the sh!t + do the same!

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